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Phuong Nam TM Polypilus PP Compound Korea

Characteristics :

Phuong Nam PP Compound M100 is a high quality Matte compound for the Biaxial-Orientation

Polypropylene (BOPP)

- Natural color

- Good matte effect

- Very good processibility

- Excellent long-term mechanical Properties

 - Haze value above 70% and Gloss value below 5 will be achievable.

Applications :

M100 is designed to be used in the skin of BOPP film. For optimum propeties it is recommended to have a skin of minimum 2 microns.

Processing Recommendation :

- The processing temperature of processing machine should not be increased at 260oc because of gelation.

-In case of long-term storage, drying of material at 60-800c is recommended to remove moisture before processing .

Recommended Use :

M100 should be used at 100%. No antiblocking masterbatch should be added in the layer where M100 is used. For optimum skin layer, the PP of core layer must be 2 to 3 g/10min MIE.

Physical Properties :


Method :ASTM







MFI 2.16kg/2300c

ASTMD 1238



Density at 230c

ASTMD 1505




M100 is supplied in regular pellet form packed in 25kg bag,•500kg and 750kg bag.

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