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Ant alkyl aryl base

Product application

* 2mol ~ 4mol : Defoaming agent in surfactant solution Cleaning agent / Dispersion agentfor petro-chemical  products/Base material of sulfonates

* 4mol ~ 8mol : Cleaning agent in oil phase / Dispersion agent / Emulsifier for insecticide and herbicide / Base material of sulfonates

* 8mol ~ 12mol : Cleaning agent for textile / Penetrate auxiliaries for leather industry / Detergent for  industrial and home application / Emulsifier for agricultural chemicals Cleaning agent for wool / Flet cleaner for paper industry

* 12mol ~ 20mol : Cleaning and wetting agent for high temp and high concentrated electrolyte solution /  Emulsifier for oil, grease and wax / Stabilizer for synthetic resin

* Above 20mol : Dyeing auxiliaries / Soap dispersing agent / Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization


* Textile industry

 NP-3~NP-20 : Spinning, dyeing application(bleaching, soaping agent)

 NP-6~NP-16 : Wetting, Dispersiion, Cleaning

* Metal industry

 NP-3~NP-16 : Emulsifier for cutting oils

 NP-8~NP-16 : Grease remover, Cleaning Metal surface treatmenter

* Dyeing/Pigment

 NP-6~NP-8 : Emulsifier

 NP-6~NP-60 : Dispersion agent

* Synthetic resin

 NP-20~NP-100 : Dispersing emulsifier for emulsion polymerization

* Fertilizer

 NP-6~NP-10 : Anti-scattering agent, Anti-caking agent

* Paper and Pulp

 NP-5~NP-12 : Pitch dispersing agent

 NP-8~NP-12 : Deiniking, Bleaching, Felt cleaning

* Rubber industry

 NP-5~NP-10 : Emulsifier for emulsion poly merization

* General detergent

 NP-6~NP-16 : Detergent base