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Fatty alcohol base

Fatty alcohol base

Product feature

The property of Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether can be controlled by adducted moles of ethylene oxide and choice of Fatty alcohol. This material is belong to Ether type surfactant family, and appears excellent chemical resistance at acid, alkali condition. And also, has biodegradability property because of linear alcohol base.

Nonionic surfactant

Fatty alcohol base

Product application

Apply as emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent, cleaning agent in synthetic resin field, cosmetics, metal industry, pharmaceuticals and household detergents. Especially, very useful by emulsifiers for pharmaceutical cream, cosmetic cream, and others which need biodegradable functions.

 OA Series have excellent penetration property with low foaming, and use industrial emulsion applications in agricultural chemicals and metal cutting oils. Low EO adducted ones are used O/W type emulsifier in water-soluble ink, water-based paint.

* Textile industry   LA series, OA series, CA series, SA series, OTA series, BTA series :

   Spinning Dyeing auxiliaries

* Agricultural chemicals   OA series-Emulsifier, LA series-Dispersant, Wetting agent

* metal industry   OA-3~OA-10-Emulsifier in cutting oil, LA-8~LA-10, TDA series : De-grease agent

* Pigment industry   LA-20, OA-20, OTA series-Dispersant, LA-5 : Emulsifier for silicon base-Zeolite Stabilizer

* Synthetic resin industry   LA-20, OA-20, CA-20, SA-20 : Emulsion stabilizer in polymerization, TDA series :

   Emulsifier for silicon resin

* Wax industry   CA-10, CA-20, SA-7, SA-20 : Emulsifier

* leather industry   OTA series-De-grease agent, BTA series : Emulsifier, De-grease agent