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Polyoxy ethylene propylene glycol base

Product features

PE Series are nonionic block copolymer, which has Polyethyleneglycol polypropylene Glycol structure. In this structure. the hydrophilic group which comes from ethyleneoxide, is linked at the end of hydrophobic group. This product is applying in diverse applications, such as PE series or Polyether series as industrial Surfactants under excellent acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, hard-water-resistance, well dispersion at metal soap, emulsification, lubricant and low foaming properties. And also apply to synthesis for polyurethane and polyeser resin as functioning the OH groups at the both end of molecular. Especially, we can supply diverse products on HLB and molecular weight by control EO/PO ratio and polymerization degree. Of course, this product acts as functional surfactants by excellent surfactant characteristics. ion stabilizer, Pitch dispersant for pulp, Deinking agent, Defoamer, Emulsifier for agricultural chemicals.


* Detergent industry Using as functional cleaner, such as textile, furniture, dishes Cleaner for automobiles, machines

* Textile industry Dyeing auxiliaries (leverling, wetting, bleaching) Wool cleaner, Antistatics for synthetic fiber

* Cosmetics Dispersant, Emulsifier, Additives for shampoo, toothpaste

* Metal industry Cleaner (Acid detergent, base detergent, spray detergent, etc.) Defoamer, Lubricants, Rust inhibitors

* Synthetic resin plasticizer for Phenol resin, Antistatic agent, Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization(Latex), Base materials for polyurethane, polyester resin

* Others Emulsion dispersant for paints, pigment, Emulsion stabilizer, Pitch dispersant for pulp, Deinking agent Defoamer, Emulsifier for agricultural chemicals