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Fatty acid base

Nonionic surfactant

Fatty acid base

Product feature

Because nonionic surfactant of Polyoxyethylene fatty acid ester series starts from natural oils, it is low toxic and skin irritation. On this reasons, it is used in cosmetics and pharmaceutics Application. Can be choice the hydrophobic property with control the adducted EO moles. This Product also has excellent solubility in the other ionic surfactants.

And also, it is possible to hydrolysis at high temperature or alkali solution because of the ester bond in this structure, but in normal condition it is stable.

This product appears excellent property for emulsifier, dispersant, lubricant, flied improver and others.

Nonionic surfactant

Fatty acid base

Product application

* Cosmetics/Pharmaceuticals

Emulsifier, Base material for ointment, pomade

* Agricultural chemicals

Emulsifier for base oil or Agricultural chemicals

* Metal industry

Cleaning, Emulsifier, Fluid improver

* Textile industry

Spinning oil, Texture oil dyeing auxiliaries

* Pulp and Paper industry

Sizing agent, Coating agent

* Synthetic resin industry

Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization Emulsion stabilizer